About IEM

IEM Pediatric Spica Table In Use


The Pediatric Spica Table is built by a division of Industrial Engineering Machine, LLC, a research and development manufacturing company located in Monterey, California. We specialize in the production of unique, customized products for medical professionals seeking design applications not readily available in the general marketplace. We can modify existing equipment to suit your purpose, or design and manufacture new equipment for your specialty.

Get A Quote

Contact us HERE and tell us what you need and we’ll get back to you right away with a quote and any information you require.

Return Policy

-Customer has sixty (60) days from the date of invoice to return the product.
-Receipt must accompany return.
-Returned merchandise must be in the same condition as received.
-Customer to pay all return shipping costs (item preferably returned in the original shipping box).
-Once merchandise is returned and received by us we have fourteen (14) days to refund the customer.
-Refund shall be made in the same payment method as originally used when purchased.


“Who are your customers?”

Public and private hospitals, private practices, and medical equipment wholesalers.

“What is your manufacturing volume?”

Production units can be from one to a dozen, or scaled up as necessary.

“Where are your product prices listed?”

Since all of our products are low volume, custom pieces, we need to talk to you and find out your specific needs. Please give us a call, we’d be happy to explain our product pricing to you.