Custom Medical Products

Along with our state-of-the-art Pediatric Spica Table, we also make other custom medical products, such as the Rotating X-ray Detector-Unit Holder, and X-ray Step Platform. We are also here to help you with any repairs, servicing, and customizations of your favorite surgical equipment.

Here is an example of our custom designed Rotating X-ray Detector-unit Holder. This design allows the unit to be rotated to any position within a full 360-degree revolution, providing enhanced imaging capability. The metal components of the Detector-unit Holder are constructed from low-carbon steel, to which a nickel-plated finish is added. The adjustment handles are constructed of stainless steel. This product is one example of our ability to apply a customized design that improves the capability of existing equipment. We can enhance the functionality of any medical equipment with features that you, the end user, may desire.

I.E.M. Xray Chart Holder

Rotating X-ray chart (rear view)

Rotating X-ray Chart Holder


Another custom product is this stand-on-top/xray-from-below X-ray step platform.

IEM x-ray stand

IEM Xray step


Tell us what how we can help you with equipment repair, servicing, and customization of your favorite surgical products. We have fixed broken hinges, loosened up tight triggers, and added extra finger holds. Quick turn-around times available to help  keep your surgical schedule intact.