Spica Table Features

Spica Table Easy To Adjust

The Pediatric Spica Table is specifically tailored for child-care specialists working within a professional medical setting. Whether in clinics, childrens’ hospitals, emergency rooms, or general hospitals, the use of the Pediatric Spica Table will ease the treatment of pediatric fractures and dislocations. It provides a stable and adjustable platform that is easily stowed and cleaned after use.

Working with medical professionals, we have created a custom-designed spica table. Our spica table improves efficiency during the process of applying a pediatric hip spica cast after setting a hip/femur fracture or dislocation. Positioning and maneuvering the patient while applying a pediatric cast is made much easier with The Pediatric Spica Table.

The Pediatric Spica Table comes to you assembled. The table has two Full Spine Supports and two Perineal Posts that are interchangeable for child’s size and doctor’s preference. Also included are two Partial Spine Supports with one Removable Perineal Post. Fully adjustable Arm Supports are available as an option. The Pediatric Spica Table is available in both a matte or polished finish.


The Pediatric Spica Table with Partial Spine Support and Removable Perineal Post for use with infants.

Pediatric Spica Table Partial Spine Support

Pediatric Spica Table shown with Optional Arm Supports.

Pediatric Spica Table with arm supports

Pediatric Spica Table, Optional Arm Supports


The Perineal Post is easily removed.

Infant Spica Table Removable Post

Pediatric Spica Table removable supports


The Spinal Supports and Perineal Posts are easily interchanged so the proper table setting is always achievable. The Perineal Post is also easily removed or adjusted. The Table Top can be mounted centered or off-centered.

Pediatric Spica Table is fully adjustable

IEM Spica Table with Spinal Support


Table Top rotation and overall table length are easily adjusted.

Pediatric Spica Table Rotating Table


Examples of the IEM Pediatric Spica Table in use.

Pediatric spica Table with child

Pediatric Spica Table with infant